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rss_iconslideshare-iconvimeo_iconWe’re pleased to announce that UnSummit5 will be held on June 18, 2011 at CoCo – coworking & collaborative space in Saint Paul. Registration will begin on May 16.

Starting today, we’ll be taking session submissions around our theme, “come together.” It’s all about connecting people, ideas and concepts in a positive way. What can you do to bring your community together? What ideas do you have to unite your industry or field? How can collaboration make us stronger?

Get the picture? Lead a session.
In the comments below, please share your session ideas (and feedback) about bringing things together. Let us know if you’d be interested in facilitating that topic or you’re just floating the idea. Remember this is an unconference, we’re not looking for full-fledged presentations (unless you want to). Many successful sessions take the form of really involved discussions.

If you’re having trouble coming up with something on your own, check out what others have proposed. If a number of people are interested in leading the same session, suggest a panel. If your idea is the perfect compliment to someone else’s, offer to team up. As long as it has some tie to the theme, anything goes.

Did you blog about UnSummit4? Present? Add your post/link in the comments and we’ll add it.

Amanda Ingle Profound findings can come from the unknown. Unsummit4 was full of information, innovation and intelligence from many different subject matter experts. With the day packed full of amazing sessions, it was hard to boil it down to what I wanted to do. Being a social media nerd, I found most of my time spent learning about new ‘best practices.’… UnSummit4 Brief

Interactive Snack (Vanessa Bright): Unsummit – a free “unconference” that in my opinion is better than some of “regular” conferences – attendees and presenters are driven by passion for our beloved interactive marketing. Regular conferences, I must admit, typically have wider variety of unhealthy food However, food for thoughts that unsummit provides is absolutely irresistible… Unsummit – 4

blog.brainstormoverload (Todd Zerger) By all accounts UnSummit 5 (sic) was a success. Personally, I met some great people and enjoyed many great conversations including “Ensuring Relevance With Good Design” hosted by Circadian, “Minnesota Start-up Culture” hosted by Jeff Pesek, and “Escaping Wage Slavery” hosted by Don Ball. My favorite presentation however was by an old friend. Rohn Jay Miller hit a home run with “The 25 Minute MBA: How To Anchor Projects in Real Business Success” which he has made available on SlideShare… UnSummit Update

Nick Rodriguez Today I had the honor of attending UnSummit4. It was the first time that I have ever been to any kind of conference or unconference for that matter. I really had no idea what to expect or what was going to happen. What I discovered was a community here in the Twin Cities that was extremely helpful in every level of business and social media. It was nothing short of amazing!… Today

Minnov8 Podcast Innovation is Accelerating


Patrick Rhone’s Practical Opacity
Rohn Jay Miller’s The 25 Minute MBA
Arik Hanson’s Feeding the Blog Beast
Don Ball’s Escaping Wage Slavery
Kate Masonna Hindes’ The Art of Being Fun-sized

We’ve closed the books on Unsummit 4, and, after four events, the Unsummit is still very much alive.

The new digs- CoCoMSP could not have been more ideal. Every venue has limitations, but it was fantastic to be in such a flexible location. We learned and relearned lessons. Parking in the city is never simple. Wifi for a crowd is a challenge. We need to serve an afternoon snack. Next year we can use more volunteers to help us balance logistics rather than leaning hard on a handful of people.

The talent in our community makes me proud. I loved how many first time facilitators and participants we had. My wish is to have more time devoted conversation with a looser format, but there were some stellar presentations and some good conversations. I was challenged by new ideas- that’s what I want from Unsummit.

What is x?

x = a thoughtful, creative community

We couldn’t have done it with YOU. Our attendees, session facilitators, volunteers and sponsors are truly the best. Thank you all for another fantastic event and making the job of organizing so worthwhile.

We’ll be gathering videos and other session material and posting it here in the coming days.

What’s an UnSummit?

UnSummit is an alternative, “unconference” held annually in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. We believe in full participation, full dissemination and free admission — all the things that traditional conferences are not. UnSummit5 is on June 18, 2011

Curt Prins: Facebook for the B2B Professional–a Frank Discussion: Many have thrown out great ideas for applying…
Michelle Cadieux: I would like to speak about Minneapolis hosting a number of startup support types of events.
Judy Grundstrom: I would like to lead a session on the topic “Social Media Makes The World Smaller”. As…
kirk horsted: Calling all UnSummit free spirits! Kirk here, 3-time UnSummit session leader and veteran BreakAway…
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